Episode 20190524

May 24, 2019


May 24th, 2019

2 mins 40 secs

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Today's cryptocurrency and blockchain news

Bitcoin is up 5.5% at $8,013
XRP is up 5.9% at 38 cents
and Ethereum is up 6.9% at $250

Top gainers in the last 24 hours:
Edgeless, up 34%
Waves up 25%
Aelf up 23%
and MaidSafeCoin, up 20%

Facebook has revealed that they’re finalizing plans to launch their own cryptocurrency—internally known as GlobalCoin—in 2020.

AT&T announced that they will now accept bill payments in the form of crypto.

Robinhood has officially launched Bitcoin, Ethereum trading in New York state.

Over a quarter of the 800 people working at Kraken take their salaries in bitcoin.

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