Episode 20201031

"Happy Birthday, Bitcoin." October 31, 2020


October 31st, 2020

2 mins 47 secs

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Today's blockchain and cryptocurrency news
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Bitcoin is up 4% at $13,911
Ethereum is up 3% at $390
and XRP is up 2% at 24 cents

Top gainers in the last 24 hours:
Ampleforth up 21%
Stacks up 15%

Bitcoin turns 12 today. The Bitcoin white paper was published October 31, 2008.

Ripple paid 9.3 million in XRP incentives to MoneyGram in Q3.

Verizon unveils "Full Transparency" blockchain backed effort.

Overstock(.)com touts possibility of VOATZ

MakerDao members vote today on a safeguard against flash-loan voting attacks.

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