Episode 202011232

"BTC crosses 30k" January 2, 2021


January 2nd, 2021

2 mins 56 secs

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Today's blockhain and cryptocurrency news
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Bitcoin is up 3% at $30,315
Ethereum is up slightly at $737
and Litecoin is down 1% at 125 dollars

Top gainers in the last 24 hours:
Dogecoin up 44%
Reserve Rights up 23%
Algorand up 15%

Bitcoin has topped 30k for the first time.

Ether from the 2017 Parity wallet hack is on the move.

Bittrex announced they will be delisting privacy coins on January 15th.

DeFi hacks lost 120 million in 15 hacks across 2020.

Non-fungible token artwork posted an all time high of 8.2 million in December

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