Episode 202100911

"Giancarlo announces book on crypto and the future of money" September 11, 2021


September 11th, 2021

2 mins 46 secs

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Today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency news
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Bitcoin is down slightly at $45,612
Ethereum is down .5% at $3,301
and Cardano is up 3% at $2.74

Serum up 25%
Harmony up 18%
Hedra Hashgraph up 18%

Christopher Giancarlo announces forthcoming book: CryptoDad: the fight for the future of money.

Benoit Coeure calls on central banks to act now on crypto and DeFi.

Sothebys' auction of 101 bored ape yacht club NFTs closed at $24.4M — a $6M premium.

The UK post office will allow crypto purchase for some customers starting next week

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