Episode 20210819

"Liquid hacked" August 19, 2021


August 19th, 2021

3 mins 1 sec

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Today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency news
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Bitcoin is up .5% at $44,579
Ethereum is up .5% at $2,998
and BNB is up 1.5% at 407

Ethos up 41%
Avalanche up 37%
Cosmos up 19%

Japan’s Liquid exchange was hacked late yesterday. The full impact is not yet known.

Coinbase is increasing its reserves from $1.1B to a stockpile of $4.4B in case of a crypto winter.

The operator of the bitcoin mixing service Helix pleads guilty to laundering more than $300M.

Fintech darling Bitpanda raised another 263M.

The google search volume for the NFT marketplace OpenSea reached an all-time high last week.

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