Episode 20210826

"Microstrategy announces new $177M Bitcoin buy" August 26, 2021


August 26th, 2021

2 mins 43 secs

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Today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency news
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Bitcoin is up 1% at $47,168
Ethereum is up 1% at $3,113
and Cardano is up 1% at 2.58

Radicle up 20%
Tokocrypto up 20%
Storj up 15%

Police in Brazil have seized $28.8M in crypto and made 5 arrests.

Microstrategy has announced a new Bitcoin buy of $177M.

Anchorage has hired the former Wells Fargo Digital Assets Executive.

3LAU has raised $16M to tokenize music royalties with Royal.

NFT+AI platrofm Althea AI has raised $16M

Euler has raised $8M in a series A.

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